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Buying: Step by Step

Purchasing Property:

Basics steps in buying a property:

Find your new home –via local newspapers, real estate offices, and web sites etc...

Make an offer to the Seller –via real estate agent or directly to the Seller if there is no real estate involved.  Come to an agreement with your Seller as to what is included in the selling price (refrigerator, stove, air conditioning units, lighting fixtures, window treatments, desk etc…) and Seller’s post closing possession, if any.

Provide our office contact information to your real estate agent or the Seller and inform them that you will retain Law Offices of Irene Stein, PLLC in connection to a purchase of your home.

Contact Law Offices of Irene Stein, PLLC, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and provide us with your/real estate agent’s information.  If the transaction is a sale by owner, then provide us with your Seller and Seller’s attorney information in order for us to request your proposed Contract of Sale from the Seller’s attorney.

You have the right to conduct Home Inspection and review the property’s financial documentation with your accountant or financial advisor prior to signing the Contract of Sale.       

We will collaborate and review your proposed Contract of Sale with you.  Once you sign it and issue a down payment check, it will be forwarded to the Seller’s attorney.  

Once the Seller and Seller’s attorney reviews, executes and returns the fully executed Contract to our office and deposits your down payment check in attorney escrow IOLA account, we will email you a copy of the Contract in order for you to begin your mortgage loan/coop/condo approval process.  

After you have been approved, we will order your Title/Lien Search report and instruct said title company to provide it to all the attorneys involved in your transaction.

Finally, when your Bank/Coop/Condo issues clear to close and the Seller’s side of the transaction is ready, we will coordinate a time and place that is mutually convenient to all parties to conduct and complete the closing of your transaction.

Please contact us for more information.

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